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Top 10 Things I Know for Sure-深信不疑的十大哲理

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1. We Are Responsible for Our Life. And nobody else. Although all success requires the assistance and cooperation of others, our success can never be left to anyone else. Luck is not a strategy.

2. Life is Short. Whether we live 20 years or 100, our lives pass quickly. All the more reason to spend our life doing what we love. Since we never know how much time we have left, we should live each day as if it is our last—for it just may be.

3. You Can't Learn Less. We can only add to our knowledge. We don't have to give some of it up in exchange for new knowledge. Our ability to absorb and retain knowledge may just be unlimited.

4. Clarity Leads to Power. When we're clear, we're more effective. Our clarity reduces our mistakes and enables us to enlist the help of others. We are more powerful when we are clear, and we are weaker when we are confused.

5. What You Sow, You Reap. This is also called The Law of the Farm or The Law of Reciprocity. In order to continue to receive, we must give.

6. You Can't Un-ring a Bell. No one can change what's already happened. Whatever is done is done. It's up to us whether we use the experience to learn or allow ourselves to be run by the experience.

7. It Takes a Long Time to Build a Good Reputation and Only a Short While to Ruin It. Trust and credibility is built slowly but can be lost almost instantly.

8. If You Don't Believe in Yourself, No One Else Will. People don't respect or follow anyone who doesn't have confidence in themselves. I think the Universe tends to trust us to the degree we trust ourselves.

9. It Doesn't Take Guts to Quit. Anyone can quit. And most people do—on their dreams and on themselves.

10. We Can Accomplish Anything We Want, Just Not EVERYTHING We Want. It's too big a world. There are too many options, too many things and only a certain amount of time.

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